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Missile Defense

War is Imminent

New Portable for Bars, Restaurants, Parties, & Events

  • Commercial Version expandable up to 80 players.

  • Home Version good for up to 4 Groups of 6-8. 

  • Play again and again, all codes and clues change every game.  

  • New Concept in Escape Games!

  • Restaurants: Say goodbye to Trivia Night!!

  • Also play at Home, Parties, Events & Large Groups!

More Great Escapes


This escape will, without a doubt, blow your client's minds!  It is so different from any other escape room that we have designed. Diversity is the key to success with mind-bending puzzles, movie caliber props, and and ending that knock their socks off!   Are you able to adapt to different environments?  Will you be able to overcome the obstacles that will lead to your escape?  While inspired by the movie, don't worry, the clues and props do not have any of the same solves!

Don't be fooled by the moniker, fully-portable.  Inside this game's vintage trunks, your clients will be amazed and fully immersed in  this murder-mystery escape. They will encounter a seemingly never ending twist of events which (if they make it) will lead them to the astonishing final clue which will have them talking about their experience for a long time to come!,  This escape game is available for small or large groups to play simultaneously.  It can handle groups upward of 150 and can be played anywhere that space will allow the amount of players.

You are with Mi6, Using modern electronic intelligence technologies (ELINT), you have got to find the dossier on Salif al-Gaddafi and his organization, then stop the regime from planning a devastating attack on civilians. 

You and a group of other detectives have been invited to dine with Dr. Ian Fleshing, a world renowned scientist who has been leading a team of forensic psychologists to find the serial killer known only as Rah. After all had arrived, Dr. Fleshing's assistant informed you that the doctor is 1 hour delayed. He then locks the door behind you.

Based on true-life events which began in 1966 when the first sighting of a Mothman was reported in Point Pleasant West Virginia above the Silver Bridge that collapsed just 2 days later with 46 people killed.


Over 200 years ago, Pirates ruled the seas.  They attacked and ravaged ships everywhere, stealing cargo, money, and other valuable items.  ‘The Whyndah’ is the only verified pirate ship ever found in North America, and was found right here in Cape Cod. 

One of the most feared pirates of all time was One Eyed Willie the master of the Whyndah. You are on a team of treasure seekers that is looking for his fortune. 

You need to hurry though, One Eyed Willie booby trapped the ship for anyone searching for this treasure. 

An elite team of highly skilled and experienced bank robbers has been assembled. Assigned with the task of infiltrating the security at one of world’s most protected bank vaults, you must steal the world’s most valuable diamond. You are the chosen few who must accept this challenge. . All security cameras have been disabled for the next hour. You have 60 minutes to locate and steal the diamond before the cameras turn back on and you are caught!



Conditions were so bad at Whittingham in the early 20th century that several patients actually froze to death in their beds.  Patients were fed nothing but bread for years, and they conducted unauthorized experiments..  Some went missing and were never found.  Your job is to investigate the disappearance of Molly Cheever.  This room is available in 2 versions.  

The G3 Summit is being held at the United Nations this year.  Great Britain's Mi6 informed the White House that one of their agents has gone rogue and has gone dark along with a nuke. Your mission is to figure out the identity of the agent and find the nuke, and hopefully disarm it.  Hurry, though, time is not  on your side! 


You are with a group of historians and archeologists at the cradle of civilization in the Valley of Kings searching for artifacts when you find a passage into what seems to be an old tomb with writings and a language that has yet to be discovered.  Could this be the tomb that unlocks the mystery of mankind?  Hurry though, the passage has closed, and your oxygen meter reads that there's very little oxygen left.  See if you can unlock all 7 mysteries and avoid any booby traps that may have been set. 

Come experience this Texas road house diner

located on old route 44.  It really is a special place to eat, as a Special Treat Awaits everyone!  You may never want to leave!

In fact, if you don't want to leave, the ownership will have no problem with that at all!  Come stay for a spell (60 Minutes or less) and experience the Diner!

This simple game of cards is by invitation only.  However, as you play the game, you find that this is no ordinary game of cards.  Mysterious messages magically reveal themselves as you and the other players realize that you are not able to leave without winning the game.  However, you realize that its not possible for all players to win.  Does this mean that only one person can escape?! 

Our Escape the Classroom Series is a one-of-a-kind Escape Room which has been carefully designed to provide Fun, Excitement and Entertainment to children while reducing the difficulty level so that a child can Win the Game without adult assistance.  Additionally, while the children never realize it, they are actually Learning while they are playing!

*At this time, ERTG is currently discounting Escape Rooms for areas where we currently need operators.  This discount will not be available upon installing an Owner/Operator in a neighboring area.  This discount is not guaranteed and is only offered to the first Owner/Operator in a given area. ERTG will outline your exact fees prior to purchasing and provide you with a 24-hour first right of refusal upon providing us with your intent.  


In just one year we have owners in South Florida, Nashville, NYC (coming), Alabama, Georgia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Illinois, Idaho, Edmonton CA, and coming to a state near you! 

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