Mobile Escape Room Parties available in South Florida, Nashville, and coming soon to NYC and surrounding area. 

2019 Escape Rooms to Go, owned and operated by Escape Rooms Unlimited.

3801 PGA Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410

There are 2 Ways we bring the Escape to you!

Drop n Go
We bring the escape room to your home, office, classroom, even outdoor venues as well.  We set the escape room up for you and provide you with complete instructions on running the escape games as well as resetting the room for the next group (Its very easy).  We pick-up the room contents the next day!
Gamemaster - Escape Trailer
We bring the escape room to your home, office, classroom, even outdoor venues as well.  We either pull-up one of our ready to go Escape Trailers with 2 different escapes, or we set the escape room up inside your venue, and provide a Gamemaster to run the escape games.  When your group is complete, the Gamemaster will remove the contents of the room.

How it Works!

STEP 1:  Where are we bringing the Escape Rooms?  

We are going to ask you about the space you want the escape room(s)? 

Is it Home, Outdoors, Catering Hall/Convention Space, Corporate Offices?

STEP 2:  When and What is the Occasion/Event?

Is it a Corporate Team Building Day, or a Birthday in the home,

or is it a Wedding or Mitzvahor other type of event?

STEP 3:  Recommendations

We provide you with recommendations on the Escape Plan for you to choose.


Depending on the set-up and the location, our uniformed Escape Operator will be on-time to your location with plenty of time to set-up.  If you choose to have our Escape Room Trailer, it will be completely ready to go!  If we are setting up a space at your venue, we will set your space up exactly as if you were visiting a dedicated escape room.  If you chose to have us run the Escape Rooms for you, our Gamemaster will make the entire escape experience thrilling, challenging, and fun for all. He/She will set-up our automated monitoring camera so he can monitor the room and provide hints and clues.   We'll make sure that your event will be talked about for a long time to come! 

How many escape rooms are inside the Escape Trailer?
We set the trailer up so that it's completely ready-to-go with your choice of 1, 2, or even 3 escape rooms!  We will go over all the rooms that are available to choose from.
Where can we set this up in my Home or Office?
We are able to set-up the entire escape room in virtually any room in your house or office.  We set the room up and even add room decor.  You will receive all the props, puzzles, clues - the Entire Escape Experience.  Your guests will have the same quality escape experience as if they went to a dedicated escape room.
Is Escape Room to Go good for Kids Parties?
Its wonderful for kids.  We have both family friendly escape rooms as well as kids only escape rooms.  Our rooms are Flexscape rooms which means that we are able to adjust difficulty level as well as time to escape based on your guests experience with escape rooms.
Can we use Escape Room to Go for Corporate Team Building?
There is no better attraction than Escape Rooms for team building exercises.  Even better, we bring the rooms to you so that your staff doesn't need to be transported anywhere.  In fact, we can set-up Escape Rooms at your facility during normal working hours so that your staff doesn't need to miss an entire day. 
What are the benefits of having an escape room at home vs going to a dedicated escape room?
The first benefit is the obvious benefit.  Price!  Average escape rooms charge $25 or more per person to go through their escape.   We don't charge per-person fees and an unlimited amount of participants can participate.  You also don't have to transport people or have them all drive to a remote location.  There are additional benefits such as, what to do with your event guests after the hour is over?  If you are at home, the party continues! 
Do you sacrifice quality when having an escape room at the home vs going to a dedicated escape room?
No!  Your guests will have as good if not better than any dedicated escape room.  Our escape rooms feature Gen 2 props which utilize technology for that WOW factor.  Your guests will be so impressed and will be talking about the unique party or event for a long time to come!
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